Our Worforce

We provide an easy yoke for small or large firms with varied workforces and staffing for different types of industries.  A company is strong and valuable when its required “Workforce is in Place”.  We are committed to provide a wrap around service that includes recruiting, hiring, training, onboarding, maintaining employee records, payroll processing and managing, safety and compliance, and providing administrative support.  We provide Staffing Services for Offices, Companies, Warehouses and Organizations.  With our Staffing Solutions and Services you can confidently focus on the vision, growth and continued success of your company.

Workforce Solutions for Employers

HR, Safety Compliance

Our Human Resources team specializes in employing, training, compensating and developing relevant work policies.  They provide performance evaluations, recruits, interviews and help with the hiring process and other duties as assigned by the company or organization.

Safety Compliance is an important aspect of HR for the health and safety of staff, equipment safety and  compliance  with safety regulations in the workplace environment.  Employers generally must ensure the workplace and equipment are safe and the health and safety policies and procedures are being followed.

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